Sunday, January 16, 2011

one week on

priti and muskaan have been at the hostel for a week now. when i spoke to them earlier this evening, both were in high spirits, said they were going to school but today was a holiday. the younger child interrupted her conversation with me to say she could not talk further as she had to go and play with her friends.

their father had called them two days ago, but they were in bed at that time but he spoke to the nun in charge of the convent.


  1. looks like things are now becoming stable. Good job done..

  2. thanks mayank.

    today the girls told one of the nuns what had happened to priti. a horrifying story of being gagged and bound and gang-raped by three men on the footpath in bombay. it happened when the went out to relive herself one night. i knew she had been molested and that the father had tried to lodge a police complaint and failed, but this was just terrible to hear.

    it is good that at least they feel safe enough to talk about this to the sisters there. one of the nuns has trained as a child counsellor, so hopefully she will help to start healing priti's wounds.

    it is a beginning, mayank, way to go still.