Wednesday, August 19, 2009


jaymati, the TBA from Atariya said this as she left for her village today afternoon: "itni baarish ho ki mere aadmi to pardesh na jaana pade". summed up the mood of the dais during the two day monthly meeting this time.
the past two days were hot and humid, with a thin layer of clouds acting like a greenhouse and trapping the heat all around us.
the first seedlings of rice have all dried up, and now there is neither grain in the house nor a prospect of a crop.
and migration has begun - to bilaspur, to bhopal, to delhi. the men are at construction sites, or hiring themselves out for daily wages in the cities, or working as ragpickers. anything to keep the family going till who knows when?
as i left bamhni this afternoon, it started raining, though not heavily enough, nor long enough to do any good, however.

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